Punjabi online store based in Dhaka

New Punjabi Kurta design

http://www.giftkoro.onlineOnline presence of large Punjabi brands has been revolutionary in the past few years and there are hundreds of Punjabi online store or stores based in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh.

If we talk about Punjabi online store in Dhaka or based in Dhaka then there are a few of them. But most popular are the ones who have a swift delivery service along with a specific range of clothes.

Quick delivery service in Dhaka by online Punjabi store?

Quick delivery service in Dhaka is like a dream for Punjabi online store or stores. Dhaka is best known for its hectic traffic and despite various efforts by the government the roads of the city are most of the time dilapidated on various areas or are cramped with vehicles.

In such a situation, quick delivery service in Dhaka becomes quite a challenge. But for a Punjabi online store, this challenge must be dealt with swiftly.

While it is true that most stores will make delivery within 48 hours, Gift Koro will deliver the goods within a day, in fact, in most cases, you will get deliveries within 6 to 12 hours.

What is specific range of clothes?

A specific range of Punjabi means Punjabi Kurta of one particular trend or style. Now, most shops try to keep everyone happy by including 100 different types of Punjabi Kurta in their stores.

Gift Koro, on the other hand, tries to keep its loyal customers happy by continuous innovation in its own line of designs. This is what we can a specific range of clothes, which the Gift Koro delivers to its customers.

Moreover, a Punjabi online store is not just any store online. Rather, it’s a store that tries to keep some busy customers happy with swift delivery and range of clothes.

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