Why is Punjabi a favourite?

New Punjabi Kurta design

Although Punjabi is a traditional attire, most men in the Indian sub-continent and in Bangladesh prefer new designs of Punjabi every season.

Moreover, due to changes in the weather and humidity, more and more people are now opting for wearing Punjabi in Dhaka, Chittagong and other big cities in Bangladesh.

Why Punjabi?

Punjabi is the perfect attire for many in summer, because it offers loose fit, slim fit and regular fit options.

One can opt for tailor made Punjabi easily to suit his summer needs. Also there is the option for tailor made pajamas or you can grab one at a popular outlet.

Therefore, loose fit Punjabi and Pajamas make this ethnic attire an attractive one for men in the region. At one hand it satisfies and fulfils the basic need of covering the entire body properly in summer and give it breathing room, on the other different designs introduced by fashion houses in recent years has given it a different dimension.

Meanwhile, some brands in Bangladesh are very popularly known for their Punjabi designs. Over the years, they have filled the blank space in the market by providing mediocre clothes to their customers. But time has changed and the people now are more aware of what they wear rather than from which shop they bought it.

Fabric quality

The quality of the fabric matters the most to customers of all ages. Now a days, a fashion house cannot take its customers for granted and serve whatever clothes they wish.

Rather, customers now know which are the fabrics they want to wear and which are comfortable during summer.

Gift Koro, has brought a revolution in the sector as it is a complete gifting and fashion solution provider with zero compromise when it comes to quality.

The shop now chooses cloths that are comfortable to wear at all seasons and customers will be not go to any other shop after they make their first purchase at Gift Koro.

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