Kamiz design with lace or kamiz hand design now in trend

Kamiz is always trendy and you can never discount it as a gifting option.

Why is Kamiz so popular among women in the sub-continent

Salwar Kamiz has always been on the top of the list when it comes to popularity among women in the region. 
It does not matter if one is going out for dinner or getting ready for bed, Kamiz or Salwar Kamiz is always the top choice for women.
This trend can only be defeated by a new trend of design of Salwar Kamiz and no other clothing can occupy much space here. 
Now where there is Kamiz, the topic of designer laces come forward as it is a word of mouth among teenagers and even their mothers. 
Kamiz design with lace is in trend now and no other trend can defeat it unless designers come up with another version of lace Kamiz

Designers have ever been trying to figure out best possible wearable for women. And in doing so they have tried to find out best of the best fabric and accessories to go with different designs

First of all, the changing seasons and varied weather conditions on different terrain make Kamiz ideal attire for women here. Secondly, its easy to wear and move around in the villages and cities. While women in the cities prefer more designs on their Kamiz, the rural women prefer simpler designed kamiz. 

Laces on Kamiz or Kamiz with lace on them come with dupatta that have more or less heavy embroidery and pants that are made of santoon fabric. While the simpler designs do not include laces, but are made from cotton fabric which bears the heat well during the day in the sub-continent. Also, these Kamiz are very comfortable to wear at night as sleeping gowns as well.

Designer Kamiz cutting is the same as non-designer ones. It just is more decorative with laces and the other one is based on different print themes.

Kamiz with lace is a trend that is not going to leave women alone for decades to come. It is always better to have a look at the options ahead of different celebrations and while doing so women also keep in mind the gifting options.

Since celebrations bring happiness, people like to gift their loved ones Kamiz and Punjabi more than any other gift items. They top the gifting options in the sub-continent. 

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