Gift Box

Gift Box decorated red with ribbon

Gift box is a great idea and can be part of your innovative gifting attempt to woo your loved ones. Gift boxes come in different sizes and quality. Some are made of papers and some are made of natural ingredients such as jute and different leaves.

Gift box is the new trend in the gifting industry and people love colorful boxes to go with their gifts.

Often times just picking the right gift doesn’t cut it, therefore, you have to be more creative in satisfying your gifting needs.

Let’s see why gift boxes are a must for many in their regular gifting spree:

  1. It protects delicate items from catching scratches and being damaged
  2. It decorates the gift item nicely
  3. It covers an unshapely item to save you from embarrassment
  4. It makes life easier in carrying gift items especially when you have to carry it a long way

Which gift box will suit you?

Gift boxes vary in quality and price. As we said earlier there are hundreds of different gift box ideas to suit your needs but the ones made of paper are of great demand. Also, these boxes come in different color and shape. On top of that, paper-made-gift-boxes are lighter and easy to carry. Therefore, many prefer paper-made-gift-boxes.

Where to find gift boxes?

You will get a free gift box with many of the gift items available at Gift Koro online store. If your product does not come with free box then you need to order one from Gift Koro for which the online store will offer you a subsidized price.

You can simply log in to the website and order one or send a request at Gift Koro facebook page through

If you need to speak to one of our sales executives then you are requested to leave a text on our WhatsApp number +8801719400144.

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