Best punjabi brand in Bangladesh

Designer Punjabi is always trendy

There are a thousand Punjabi store in Bangladesh but only a few can be termed as brands but there are some exclusive shops that make the list of best Punjabi brand in Bangladesh.

Best brand

The position of the best Punjabi brand in Bangladesh had been vacant of years despite high demand of Punjabi kurta in the country. Most shops that used to sell Punjabi for years did not understand the concept of a brand.

They never cared for creating brand loyalty or focused on customer retention. Thus the best Punjabi brand in Bangladesh did not exist for long time.

However, some shops and chains have in the past few years gained some popularity among the youth and have tried to create some brand awareness. But, nevertheless poor service and substandard quality of sewing and cloth have tarnished their image over the next few years.

Gift Koro has come forward with its own Punjabi brand which targets the niche market of premium designed Punjabi. What is most striking about this brand is that it targets

  1. Brand loyalty
  2. Superior after sales support
  3. Brand value
  4. Customer retention
  5. And keeps focus on its customer groups

Bangladesh is a land of celebrations and there are at least 20 celebrations every year, small or big.

In all these events, one thing is common among men and that is they give the chance for men to wear their finest of Punjabi. Men love Punjabi and they like it even more if it is a gift from their loved ones.

Every occasion becomes great if it is backed by tradition. Punjbai is a traditional wear and men of all ages love it in the Indian sub-continent.

Gift Koro therefore claims to be the best Punjabi brand in Bangladesh. It has its big range of Punjabi collection which is bound to satisfy men of all ages and casts.

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